Instrument strømforsyning justerbar 5-30VDC 1A (Intech PSW-10)

Vare nr.: INPSW-10-24

100-264VAC forsyning

5-30VDC 1.0A stabiliseret udgang (standard 24VDC)

LED Power OK signal

DIN skinne montering

Høj præcision 0,1%

DKK 1.190,00 ekskl. moms


The PSW-10 is an isolated switch mode power supply that can supply a wide range of DC output voltages, from 5V to 30V, up to 1A continuously, and operates over a range of input voltages. Due to recent advancements in Switch Mode Power Supply technology, special techniques have been developed that make the PSW-10 both very low noise (typically less than 1mV) and high precision.

Both line and load regulation is better than 0.1% over all conditions (within specified ranges). These attributes make the PSW-10 better than most comparable linear power supplies.


  • Better than most comparable linear supplies
  • Input Voltage Supply of 100~264Vac
  • Output adjustable from 5V to 30V
  • Output current of 1A
  • Low noise
  • Precision regulation
  • Isolated output floats close to earth potential
  • Short circuit tolerant
  • High accuracy 0.1%
  • Universal AC/DC power supply
  • Compact DIN rail mount enclosure
  • Available standard or special calibration
  • Low cost

Ordering Information:

PSW-10-X Standard Unit: High Voltage Power Supply: 100~264Vac. Output Voltage: 24Vdc.

PSW-10 ordering table

Note: The PSW-10 has an Input Voltage Power Supply of 100~264Vac.