Loop forsynet universel display (Intech LPI-LCD-6)

Vare nr.: INLPI-LCD-6

Programmering via knapper på fronten (uden software)

Til montering på plan flade

Visning fra -99,999 til +999,99

Beskyttet mod fejlforbindelse

IP65 tæthedsklasse

Baggrunds belyst LCD display

DKK 2.350,00 ekskl. moms


The LPI-LCD-6 – 4~20mA Panel Display is ideal for displaying a variety of process variables, and is easy to scale to your required engineering units.


  • Easy installation (front mounting unit takes up virtually no space behind the panel).
  • Loop powered display backlight.
  • Protection against reverse wiring and accidental 24V supply.
  • Easy calibration via on-screen menu. 4~20mA Calibrator is NOT required!

Ordering Information:

LPI-LCD-6 One 4~20mA Loop Powered Input Panel Mount Display.


Input configuration: 4~20mA Loop Powered.
Minimum Input: 3.5mA.
Maximum Input: 100mA.
Load: 220Ω Typical.
Full scale range: Adjustable Between -99,999 and +999,999.
Max Resolution: 50,000 Counts.
A/D Conversion: 16bit Sigma Delta.
Accuracy: ±0.02%.
Temperature Coefficient: 30ppm/°C Typical.
Conversion Rate: 10 Readings per Second.
Protection: Reverse Polarity. Accidental 24V Supply.
Display: Liquid crystal display (LCD) 17.5mm.
Units: Standard KG, LB, T, or Custom.
Decimal point: Up to 4 Decimal Places.
±Over-Range: Shows ‘UNDER’ or ‘OVER’.
Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C.
Relative humidity: 10~85%RH (non-condensing).
Power Supply: Designed to be powered from the 4~20mA current loop input signal.
Display: 17.5mm LCD.
Units: Standard KG, LB, T or Custom.
Decimal: Up to 4 Decimal Places.
±Over-Range: Shows ‘UNDER’ or ‘OVER’.
Housing: Rating IP65.
Case dimensions: 144 x 72 x 25mm (WxHxD).