pH display & transmitter (Intech LPI-pH)

> Vare nr.: INLPI-PH

pH display med PT100 temperatur og pH føler indgang

Isoleret 4-20mA for pH signal (loop forsynet)

IP67 støv og stænktæt kabinet til vægmontage

Indbygget temperaturkompensering

pH probe købes separat

DKK 3.985,00 ekskl. moms


The LPI-pH is a loop powered, isolated, pH Cell input, to 4~20mA output transmitter, with integral Pt100 RTD temperature compensation, and LCD display of 0~14.00pH.

The LPI-pH is the device to choose when a pH probe is installed in a corrosive, damp, high earth current or electrically noisy environment.
The IP67 rating of the transmitter enclosure, together with the corrosion proofed circuit board, give the LPI-pH high immunity to damp and corrosion, allowing it to be mounted close to the pH probe. Having the transmitter close to the pH probe means that the highly sensitive pH probe output signal is amplified and turned into a robust 4~20mA signal before noise exposure from long cable runs can effect it.
The unit also features internally accessible, finger adjustable, 15 turn slope and offset adjustments, for easy calibration of the pH sensor, in conjunction with the LCD Display.

The 4~20mA output from the LPI-pH can be run for long distances to better environments where standard process controllers can be used safely.
The LPI-pH fills a niche where it has often been necessary to install low IP rated, dedicated pH instruments in an aggressive environment.


  • Isolated Input to Output 2.0kV.
  • Bi-Polar pH Cell Input.
  • IP67 Rated Enclosure.
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 0~14.00pH.
  • High Accuracy.
  • 40~200mV Output Test Signal.
  • LED Indication of Loop Current.
  • Low Cost.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Internally Accessible, finger adjustable, SLOPE & OFFSET adjustments.
  • Selectable Automatic or fixed Probe Temperature Compensation.
  • Corrosion proofed Circuit Board and Components by Isonel 642. (Except Terminals and Dip Switches)

Ordering Information:


Standard Unit: 0~14pH In, 4~20mA Out, with LCD.

pH probes for use with the LPI-pH can also be ordered from Intech Instruments Ltd (for the best possible accuracy with the LPI-pH, we recommend using a probe that includes the -Pt100 sensor option).