Trådløs overførsel af industrielle signaler (Intech Z-2400-A2IO)

> Vare nr.: INZ-2400-A2IO

Komplet sæt til trådløs overførsel af analoge og digitale signaler

Analoge input: PT100 / PT1000 / Thermocouple / mA / mV / Volt

Analoge output: 2 x 4-20mA

Digitale I/O : 4 digitale input – 2 digitale output og 2 relæudgange

Op til 4 kilometers rækkevidde (line of sight)

Let at programmere og installere (sæt er allerede parret sammen)

DKK 5.575,00 ekskl. moms


The Z-2400-A2 series of units support the communication of analogue and digital signals via a wireless link. The series consists of three separate wireless nodes for: Input, Output and Repeating, and does not require a computer to monitor the wireless network. Built on the ZigBee® protocol, this allows for multiple Z-2400-A2 wireless links to operate side by side at the same time.

The Output node is the base and acts as the master for the entire link. The Input node acts as a wireless remote station and seeks for the Output Base to transmit the input signals to. The Repeater node is the bridge between the Input and Output wireless nodes, and is only used when the distance between them is too large to communicate directly.

Note: The Z-2400-A2 Series are used for Stand-alone wireless data links. For MicroScan SCADA wireless data links, the Z-2400 Series are used.


Ordering Information:

Z-2400-A2IO One Wireless Output node and One Input node, Paired & supplied as a Kit:
Z-2400-A2O: Output Remote Wireless node. 2x 4~20mA Outputs, 4x Digital I/O.
Z-2400-A2I: Input Remote Wireless node. 2x Isolated Universal Inputs, 4x Digital I/O.
Z-2400-A2R Repeater node for Wireless Expansion.

The Z-2400-A2 Series require the XU-USB Programming Key for Software Configuration:

XU-USB (Rev 1) USB Programming Key for programming Z-2400-A2 Series using uP Configure Programming Software (version or later).

(Same Key as used for programming XU Series transmitters2400-A16Z-2400-SleeperIN-uP4 and uP4-Din.)

Antenna Options (Used when greater distances are involved):
ZigBee® Antennas 2.4GHz – for Z-2400-A2 Series.
ZA-OD24-5 Indoor 5.5dBi Omni Directional Rubber Duck Antenna.
ZA-BKT01 Bracket Extension Kit for Z-2400-A2 Indoor Antennas c/w 1m coax cable.
ZA-OD24-2 Outdoor 2.2dBi Omni Directional Whip Antenna c/w 0.3m coax cable.
ZA-OD24-8 Outdoor 8dBi Omni Directional Monopole Antenna c/w 3m coax cable.
ZA-MD24-12 Outdoor 12dBi Mini Directional Antenna c/w 3m coax cable.
ZA-PG24-19 Outdoor 19dBi Directional Parabolic Grid Antenna c/w 3m coax cable.


Model Descriptions:

Model Description
Z-2400-A2IO The Z-2400-A2IO is the kit set of the Input (Z-2400-A2I) and Output (Z-2400-A2O) wireless nodes, supplied as a complete set paired to each other with a unique Mesh ID.
Z-2400-A2I The Z-2400-A2I is a 2 channel analogue input wireless node, when switched on it looks for the output node to sends it’s input values to via the wireless link.The inputs are individually programmable as follows:

  • RTD: Pt100/Pt1000, -200~800°C.
  • Thermocouple: B, E, K, J, N, R, S, T, with CJC.
  • mA: 0~20mA (4~20mA).
  • mV: -25~25mV to -200~1000mV.
  • V: 0~1V to 0~18V.
  • Pulse/Digital Max speed 1Hz.

It also comes equipped with 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, and 2 relay outputs.

Z-2400-A2O The Z-2400-A2O is a 2 channel analogue output wireless node. It acts as the base and controls it’s entire ZigBee wireless network. The analogue output is 4~20mA only at 24Vdc. Like the input node, it comes equipped with the matching 4 digital inputs and 4 digital/relay outputs.
Z-2400-A2R The Z-2400-A2R is quite simply a ZigBee wireless repeater. It is used to boost the signal strength between the other two nodes, input and output, to extend the range. The maximum number of repeater nodes per wireless mesh network is 15.


Note: ZigBee® is a registered trademark of the ZigBee Alliance, Inc.